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Hope Clubhouse is a community of support for adults living with a mental illness which provides opportunities for paid employment and access to education, housing and wellness. Meet our faces of hope.

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Hope Clubhouse is a community of people who are working toward a common goal of supporting persons living with the effects of mental illness.  The Clubhouse is a healing and mentoring environment for persons who have had their lives drastically disrupted by mental illness and need the support of others who believe that recovery is possible.

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There are many ways to get involved with Hope Clubhouse. Through the tireless efforts of our volunteers, the generosity of our donors and support from our sponsors, Hope Clubhouse continues to thrive.


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  • "I am glad that I came to the Clubhouse. It helps me feel like I’m doing something for myself, but also that I can do things for others and that helps me feel good."

    -Dave Hurst
  • "Recovery through work means a lot for me. It is like discovering that I am a normal person regarding my condition, and that I have talents and abilities that I did not know I had. Thanks to the Clubhouse, I’m me. "

    -Angie Quila
  • "Hope Clubhouse gives me something to do on a daily basis. I have made a lot of friends here and that makes me feel good...I have been coming to the Clubhouse for two and a half years, and I love coming here."

    -Faye Little
  • "Working in a team at Hope Clubhouse has taught me that my life experience – everyone’s life experience – prepares me for a unique role. There are no square pegs and round holes, only people who haven’t yet found where they fit in."

    -Hilary Carney

Friends of the Club

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