Our Mission 

Hope Clubhouse is a community of support for adults living with a mental illness which provides opportunities for paid employment and access to education, housing and wellness.

Our Community

Hope Clubhouse members achieve employment rates three times higher than those without support.

Hope Clubhouse is founded on the belief that, with the help and support of their community, members can overcome the effects of mental illness, attain recovery and lead satisfying, productive lives. The Clubhouse gives everyone the chance to form friendships, gain respect through work, improve social skills and reduce the stigma so commonly associated with these illnesses.

Just as a community benefits from being interconnected, the Clubhouse provides a “whole-life” approach that engages individual members in many different aspects of daily living, decision making and planning for the future. Over the past decade, Hope Clubhouse has expanded its services to include additional social, educational and quality of life-enhancing activities for individuals in Southwest Florida living with some form of mental illness.

Our business, culinary arts and horticulture units provide skills and leadership development, for instance, that are attractive to potential employers. At the same time, a permaculture garden on site provides a roots-to-shoots model to inspire members as they provide for the Clubhouse’s nutritional needs. FGCU and ECHO have partnered with the Clubhouse to help with our Food Forest – one of many meaningful ways we remain connected with the greater community.

A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Hope Clubhouse was incorporated on August 3, 2007. Its establishment followed a visit to a clubhouse called Vincent House in Pinellas Park, Florida by a group of dedicated mental health advocates from Lee County who perceived a critical need for similar services right here at home.

About 250 members participate in Clubhouse activities annually, with up to 35 members on site every day.

Business Unit

Work in the business unit can include computer projects, newsletter production, accounting, statistics, Clubhouse orientation and tours, housing program coordination, and website maintenance.

Culinary Unit

In the culinary unit, members are learning and practicing the skills needed to plan a variety of meals, make budgets, shop for groceries and prepare nutritionally sound snacks and meals. Operating a snack bar, waiting tables, and hygiene proficiency in the preparation of meals. In addition, members of Hope Clubhouse will be learning how to prepare special occasion and holiday dinners. The Culinary Unit is an integral part of our Clubhouse program.

Garden of Hope

Our garden is blooming and growing. Members helping in the garden learn about horticulture, including the names of native plants, what fruits and vegetables flourish in Florida, growing seasons and maintaining a continual harvest throughout the year. The garden serves as a useful food source for Hope Clubhouse, and it’s even used by our Culinary Unit to prepare nutritious meals for our members and staff.


Employment Opportunities

We work with a variety of employers to provide robust employment opportunities to our members.



We strive to stress education at our Clubhouse. We provide a safe supportive environment for our members to access their education efforts.



Housing is an essential for everyone. We coordinate with members of our community to coordinate housing options for our members.



Wellness is one of the core values of Hope Clubhouse. The positive atmosphere at Hope Clubhouse allows members to develop and nurture lasting friendships.

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