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Cape Coral Grant Opens the Door to Future Possibilities

Cape Coral Grant Opens the Door to Future Possibilities

Thank you to the Cape Coral Community Foundation for their grant of $5,000! This grant will allow us is to expand in the Cape Coral Rotary Garden and provide paid supportive employment for our members.

Funding will enable us to increase the number of garden beds from 13 to 24 and provide up to 446 hours of paid supportive employment to HOPE Clubhouse members.

Beginning this fall HOPE Clubhouse will be a SNAP vendor and will start offering fresh produce to SNAP recipients in both Cape Coral and Ft. Myers. This grant will allow us to provide approximately 1,300 pounds of fresh produce to the 140 participants of the Freida B. Smith Special Populations Center and allow us to provide the excess to surrounding neighbors through the SNAP program.

This funding will not only provide the opportunity for more fresh produce to our communities, but it will keep the produce within the Cape Coral community. This grant will open the door to a wide array of future possibilities: for the members, the partners, and the HOPE Clubhouse.


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