Help us help more members of Hope Clubhouse

Generosity is a lifeline to hope. The people who have given so much to Hope Clubhouse over the years were the spotlight as the community of support celebrated “Faces of Hope Who Give” at its Annual Mental Health Luncheon. The event took place on Monday, Oct. 28 at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre in Fort Myers.

$250 – Sponsor a tree in the Garden of Hope. 

Sponsorships start at just $250 and range up to $500 and $1,000 for the larger fruit trees in our food forest.

$500 – Pay for one year of healthy lunches for one member.

Staff and members of the Culinary Unit plan and prepare 150 meals every week. At just $1.50 per meal, members have access to healthy meals, often with organically grown produce harvested from the Garden of Hope.

$2,500 – Garden and tool storage shed.

Over the past 12 months, 100 members have helped the Garden of Hope bloom. All 250 Clubhouse members have enjoyed the benefits (and fruits) of the garden.

$3,000 – Audio Visual equipment for the Media Center.

Each week, members of Hope Clubhouse record, edit and produce short news videos that highlight the current and upcoming activities of our community. These videos are shown twice weekly during our afternoon community meetings and on social media.

$4,500 – Upgrades to the computer network, including a new server.

Help make sure that our members and staff have the equipment they need to work together to produce a monthly newsletter, enter daily attendance records, update resumes and conduct online job searches.

Other needs we are seeking help with:

We need more space!

Since January of 2017, the current facility is at capacity on at least a weekly basis. Options are being explored to add square footage to increase capacity, both for indoor and outdoor programming. By adding just 1,700 square feet along with an enclosed horticulture space, our projected capacity would double.