A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Hope Clubhouse of Southwest Florida was incorporated on August 3, 2007. Its establishment followed a visit to a clubhouse called Vincent House in Pinellas Park, Florida by a group of dedicated mental health advocates from Lee County who perceived a critical need for similar services right here at home.

Officially opening its doors in 2010, Hope Clubhouse became a voluntary rehabilitation program for people living with mental illness and received a three-year accreditation from Clubhouse International. This followed an in-depth self-study over the course of four months that involved the entire Clubhouse community in an interactive process of self-evaluation and strategic planning. Hope Clubhouse proudly maintains full accreditation status with Clubhouse International.

One of 330 accredited Clubhouses around the world, Hope Clubhouse is part of a unique collaboration between businesses, families and communities that help integrate its members back into the workforce. Members work side-by-side with our helpful staff to run programs, learn or teach skills, and offer support and resources needed to achieve a satisfying and improved quality of life in the community.

As of 2017, Hope Clubhouse is running at capacity, serving 200 people annually, living with severe mental illness and helping 58 members reenter the workforce. We’ve partnered with over 10 employers such as Goodwill Industries, Burroughs Home and Salvation Army. In addition to employment, the Clubhouse assists with education, housing and wellness needs, including supporting members to attend secondary school or get their GED.

Hope Clubhouse is committed to excellence and the evidence-based Clubhouse model. The Clubhouse philosophy believes in the potential of all individuals to lead a satisfying and meaningful life, including becoming employed.

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