Faces of Hope

They could be your co-workers, friends or neighbors. People who suffer from mental disorders could be of any age, race, gender or demographic. But at the Hope Clubhouse, they become the Faces of Hope. The clubhouse is a place where people with mental diseases form friendships, gain respect through work, improve their social skills and reduce the stigma commonly associated with these illnesses. People can overcome the effects of mental illness, achieve recovery and lead satisfying, productive lives with the support of the community — as these Faces of Hope show.

Generosity is a lifeline to hope. The people who have given so much to Hope Clubhouse over the years were the spotlight as the community of support celebrated “Faces of Hope Who Give” at its Annual Mental Health Luncheon. The event took place on Monday, Oct. 28 at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre in Fort Myers.
Your company can help people who need a confidence boost as they re-enter the workforce. Hope Works can work with you to secure transitional and independent employment outside of the Clubhouse for members who are ready to take that next step. Learn more about how to become an employer today
Our Hope Works program opens up new doors to people with a background of mental illness and helps them accomplish what they may have thought impossible. Hope Works helps employers make a difference in the community. Let’s start down that path today.
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Jill is a member of Hope Clubhouse in Fort Myers, FL. As a member, she receives the support she needs to live her life.
Raya is a member of Hope Clubhouse Fort Myers, Fl. The clubhouse provides the structure and work style environment she needed. No matter the distance Raya comes to the clubhouse and continues to thrive!
Guillermo is a member of Hope Clubhouse Fort Myers, Fl. Hope Clubhouse is where he feels relief from his anxiety. He is one of our Faces of Hope.
Cynthia is a member of Hope Clubhouse in Fort Myers, Fl. The clubhouse is where she feels empowered. The support she receives helps her in her day to day life. She is one of the many Faces of Hope.
Liza is a member of Hope Clubhouse in Fort Myers, Fl. After isolating herself from friends and family, Hope Clubhouse has provided the support she needed to fight her illness. She is one of the many Faces of Hope in our community.
Hope Clubhouse in Fort Myers Florida serves to provide a safe location for those living with a mental illness. These are the faces we see every day as we help provide opportunities for paid employment, access to education, wellness programs and housing. Meet our faces of Hope.